Jóvenes (Youth)

Let’s Leave this in 2018

As someone under the age of thirty with an internet connection, I’ve seen my fair share of all the posts regarding the coming New Year. They all talk about what they plan to do, how fast time has gone...


It’s like that niggling feeling in your stomach that no matter how much you distract yourself with friends and laughter, it continues to bother you. It isn’t enough to completely overwhelm or become too much to bear, but it...

Tolering Intolerance

In light of recent events, there’ll be the ones who give their condolences and move on, there’ll be the ones who harbor that ugliness in their hearts, and then those who speak out against what happened. Some people can be...

Chill Out and Smell the Coffee

As cheesy as it sounds, it’s easy to take what you have for granted. We can become pretty optimistic about the future, so much to the point where what we’re living in the present just isn’t that important. Now...
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