It’s like that niggling feeling in your stomach that no matter how much you distract yourself with friends and laughter, it continues to bother you. It isn’t enough to completely overwhelm or become too much to bear, but it can be uncomfortable nonetheless. I’m talking about dread.

It’s one of those feelings where it can apply to most anything, from the smallest slip up to the biggest dilemma. It sounds a lot like being nervous, but nerves can apply to something you’re excited about. When it comes to dread, we’re most certainly never excited about what’s coming. It’s usually quite the opposite.

I’ve encountered it the most when it comes to social situations and work related issues, like having to do a presentation in a fairly large class in a subject you absolutely must pass.

Dread leads to procrastination, which we all know is never really the solution to anything. It deters us from doing the best we can in something, and can be the main fuel for school related stress as we dread the next test.

As I mentioned before, dread can manifest in social situations, like having to confront a friend about something or even something as miniscule as being the next to order your food at a restaurant. This feelings comes with the whole “Hey, I need to talk to you later.” thing that people say when they just want to ruin your whole day by making you worry, basically. But I digress.

I’ve learned that the best way to deal with dread is to face it head on. It’s a given that it’s better to just jump right into the freezing water of the swimming pool than try to warm up to it step by step. All you do by putting it off is get colder and colder by the minute and watch all your friends have fun without you. The same goes for dread, in order to fully overcome it, you obviously have to do whatever it is you were worried about in the first place without inhibitions.

The feeling of “just going for it” to me feels like just closing your eyes and grabbing something from your closet no matter what it is because you’re already ten minutes late and you need to wear something. At the end of the day, we’re a lot tougher than we give ourselves credit for, so as long as you make yourself take the first step, dread vanishes and the rest of it won’t be as bad!

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