How Many Times

God Bless you all My Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Hope you all had an EXCELLENT school year. There most likely was Good moment’s and Bad ones, but you overcame them. You most likely had to forgive people who did something wrong to you. But the question is how many times you forgave and how many times to the same person. Peter one time asked that question and Jesus responded, “More than 7 times.”

Jesus also said 70×7. Some of you are going to sum that up and say 140 times!!! Actually, it’s more. 70×7 in the bible means infinity. If God forgives as many times we ask, so we must Forgive the same. Forgiving is Good for us because when we do it. We let go of the thing that hurt us. If we don’t forgive, we will always remember and get mad. It’s not Good to live that way. I also want to tell you that because you forgive does not mean you let the people to continue to Hurt you. If some is always talking Bad about you. You can forgive them. But that does not mean you should be friends with them. If someone steals from you.

You can forgive them, but that does not mean you can trust them. If someone Hurts your body. You can forgive them, but that does not mean you hang around that person or you let that person to continue to Hurt you.

If someone is hurting your body Tell Your Parents, Teacher or an adult that can help you. God wants you to forgive just like HE forgave US, but that does not mean you let people Hurt YOU in any way. So Be Christ Like and Forgive. I hope you have a great Summer Vacation, Be safe and Have FUN. I PRAY GODS protection is all over you all Summer Long.


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