Let it Gooo, Let it Gooo

A time to search and a time to give up, a time to keep and a time to throw away

Eclesiastes 3:6

God Bless you My Little Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Hope you all had fun in the snow.

Hope your Christmas was full of Family Time, Gift giving, Gift receiving and Jesus Time. 2019 is here and you probly herd people use the word “ RESOLUTION”.

But what is a “ Resolution”? A resolution is a GOAL or something you want to achieve. Many people start the new year this way.

Goals and Achievements are not all ways about getting or winning. A Goal or a Achievement can also mean letting Go. Its not easy to Let Go of some things. We get used to saying or doing things that we do it and don’t know we are doing it , till someone tells us. Sometimes to get closer to GOD we need to LET GO of things.

Saying Bad words, Being Disrespectful , Fighting , Bullying , Stealing are things we need to LET GO. These things will separate us from GOD. All GOD wants is to be close to you.
HE misses us when we are far away from HIM. GOD wants to Bless you with HIS love . HE wants to GIVE you all you Need , but HE cant bless you if HE is far from you. There are other things besides the ones I mentioned that WE NEED TO LET GO. Will you make it your Goal To Let GO in 2019.

This New Year can Be the beat year of your Life if you LET GO. 2019 can be the year you get Closer to GOD and HE Get closer to you. I believe you can Achieve it .

You might be asking how can I start. You start by praying in the morning for GOD to help you LET GO. At night give God thanks for helping you LET GO thru the day. Ask your friends , Family even your Pastor to Pray for you.

Do this everyday Until you Achieve your GOAL. I Believe You can Let GO in 2019. Go for it and Get Closer to GOD.


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