Thank You, Your Welcome !!

God Bless You my little brothers and sisters in Christ. Hoping all is well with all of You. May is here and in a couple of weeks SUMMERRRR Vacation !!!!!! Hope you are all thankful for the Great School Year you have had. This what I want to talk about this Month. Being Polite by Saying Thank You and Your Welcome.

Saying Thank You shows you appreciate what something is being done for you. If someone shares a pencil , food or an umbrella with you. You should be thankful because they did not have to do it , but they did. You should say Thank You because GOD put it in there Heart to Help you. So when you say Thank YOU, You are also saying it To GOD.

Your Welcome is how you respond when someone says Thank You to you . It tells the other Person that you were happy to help them . We should be thankful and welcoming at all times in all circumstances. That means all the time and everywhere.

When we say Thank You people will want to help you more because they know you appreciate them and the Time they are spending with you. We should be Thankful of our Teachers, Parents , Family and Definitely GOD. You will definitely hear a YOUR WELCOME from them.

So Remember Say Thank YOU or Your Welcome in all Circumstances.

God Bless You all Day Everyday.

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