God bless you my little brothers and sisters in Christ. Your in your last quarter in school. Hope this year has been a Good one. Lets finish strong and keep up your grades so you can move on to the next level.

Many of you went thru many pencils, a couple of boxes crayons , 2 or 3 folders and backpacks. And since we are all still growing.

We are on our second pair of sneakers. Most of us out grew our cloth from the beginning of the school year. So now we have new sweaters , pants , shorts and shirts. Some of us are on our second phone or tablet because we broke it when we dropped it , cracked the screen or just lost it.

How blessed are you that you have someone in your life to get you new school supplies. How blessed are you that you have someone to get you new clothing . How blessed are you to have someone replace your phone or tablet.

Some of us DON’T have anyone to do this for us, But YOU do. You are very very very BLESSED. This is why we need to Thank GOD everyday for our Mom, Dad, Uncles, Aunts, Grandparents and Guardians. God Has So BLESSED you with them. He has Blessed them with Good Health so they can work and be able to take care of you.

Some people might even say That you are Lucky, but you are NOT Lucky. YOU R BLESSED. There is a Difference. GOD is the only one who BLESSES us.

Blessing COME FROM GOD and anything that comes from God is GOOD, PERFECT and the BEST.

When GOD blesses us it’s the perfect thing we need and it come at the right time. Gods blessing are never late. So the next time someone says you are lucky , tell them “ No I Am Blessed “


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